About Us

Creative Decks, Inc. was established in 1996, by my wife and me and has grown into a small and strong business with broad capabilities and exceptional craftsmanship. Here is a bit about my background which helped to shape this business.

I was born April 31, 1971, in Aurora, IL where I grew up with my parents and one brother. Ever since I was young I have been working and building things. My father was always mad at me for taking his tools and not putting them back. Before I was 11, I was building go-carts out of wood, tree houses, ramps, and helping my father around the house. My dad was the biggest do-it-yourselfer and would not hire anyone to do anything. At age 11 I got my first job as a paperboy, which I kept until I was 16; then I worked at McDonalds. Since completing high school I have been in the construction field. After working for several different contractors I had an idea to start a deck business with my wife the same year we got married in 1996. Since then we have had three children, one girl and two boys.

It is my dream to keep this business going for many years so I can work with my children and teach them the great gift of working with your hands and the satisfaction of building something you can be proud of.